What a daft title! Sounds like people are putting money on +Katharine, or giving her a vest for her purple shirt.

I was moved. She has presence, but I knew that. She is warm. I knew that. She can preach! I loved her line about reaching out to those with different theological perspectives. I hope and pray the Right will meet her half way. If +Rowan can send his love and blessings, as he did, why can’t our own traditionalists, and I am a traditionalist, do the same? Today wasn’t the best hour for the Network and the Windsor compliant bishops. I understand those who don’t think she is ordained not being there – I think – but most Windsor bishops aren’t non-possibilitists.

Yes, I know it is galling hearing Jon Bruno talk about reconciliation. He reminds me of Ferovius in Shaw’s “Androcles and the Lion.” Who dare say no? He can’t walk in the shoes of those he is saying he wants to love and he’s no moderate.

I am sickened about continued talk of schism. The more sulky and obdurate those who talk of APO are, the less likely +Rowan is to listen to them. They only fuel and energize the far Left. If African and Caribbean primates offer them a deal, it will have no teeth, and I’ll bet a 1928 Prayer Book the rest of the primates will take them to the woodshed when they all meet next year. To be Windsor compliant one cannot condone or encourage violating jurisdictional integrity. What’s sauce for the goose…..

+Katharine has a hell of a job ahead of her. I hope she confounds her critics and her friends. From my experience she may do just that.

Pray for her, for our Church and for our common baptismal unity. For it is God who will have the final say and as God is God we may all be confounded. Serve us right.

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  1. Fr. Tony,

    Not trying to be pedantic, but please note that our Presiding Bishop’s name is spelled with two “A’s” as in “Katharine.”

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