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My computer is being up-graded so I’m borrowing my wife’s to make a swift response to some comments about my last blog.

A few weeks ago I was chided by a conservative blogger because, he suggested erroneously -there were only 90 members in the parish I serve. Ergo I must be a failure and thus not qualified to comment on much at all. Now a liberal suggests that I would be a terrible pastor to gays. Well I may be a terrible pastor to everyone, but its an equal opportunity terribleness. To my knowledge I have never treated gay parishioners in any different manner than anyone else. I haven’t had any complaints yet and I’ve been in the ministry for over 40 years.

It used to be common to hear the view that Roman Catholic priests couldn’t speak about marriage because they were single. It is suggested that I can’t speak about self-sacrifice to my gay friends, the common mission of all Christian service, because I am not gay. I have no time for the Archbishop of Nigeria or the Nigerian government’s proposed legislation and anyone who reads this blog knows that full well.

What I am saying is that I believe that the methods and tactics of secular government have so thoroughly informed the manner in which we seek justice, that the inevitable “mercy” component has disappeared and thus, if anything, we have become less tolerant of each other rather than more so. The posted comments, and their mirror image retorts from some conservatives, suggest that I may not be far wrong.