I thought I’d say something about my ongoing fight with the cancers which we discovered last October. I’ve been taken off the monthly infusion of chemo of which I had two sessions. There are good signs, such as my red and white blood cells being normal and my immune system working fairly well. The bad sign was a reversal of the reduction of “rogue” platelets. Tomorrow I go into the cancer center for my third “dose” of Rituxin alone. It takes about four hours to be filled with this wretched stuff, and thus far I’ve had an allergic reaction in the last hour each time.

After effects have included fever, weakness, numb hands and feet, and swollen eyes. Mercifully after the last infusion I suffered none of these and have been feeling pretty well. I was able to take the Epiphany service on Saturday night and the main service yesterday. I’m in my study at church now. I can get up and down from a chair without help and have left my walking stick at home.

I hope this progress continues. I’m scheduled to be in New York from January 22th to 26th for a NNECA board meeting. I edit LEAVEN, the National Network of Episcopal Clergy Association’s journal. I’m working hard to be as fit as possible for this event.

I am being sustained by the prayers of so many people in so many places, including this parish and my blog readers and for this I am profoundly grateful. God is being so good to me and so I am able to trust in His love and mercy and get on with life.

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