Nearly two weeks ago my left ankle began to hurt. I was returning from a clergy meeting, stopped at Barnes and Noble and while there the pain began. That will teach me not to go to clergy meetings! The next few days were difficult and by Palm Sunday both ankles were painful and I was experiencing shortness of breath.

So on Palm Sunday I was admitted to hospital and began four days of X Rays, MRIs and PT scans. Finally a number of spots were detected, located on my inner ankle bones. These “spots” suggested that blood supply had been cut off to those tiny areas and that each spot was a “dead” place. So on Friday last I was sent home armed with a walker, a shower chair, a wheel chair and an inhaler and other lung medicines. The inhaler was for my lungs which also showed signs of congestion. Whether these problems were related to my cancer was also undetermined. Steroids may be the cause of the ankle problems. I was also given some powerful pain pills which make it difficult to concentrate. I was falling asleep while writing which is demonstrated by the poor quality of my recent blogs.

(The Diocese of San Joaquin’s blog site has published a ditty I have written about the 1991 consecration of bishops for the Continuing Churches by two TEC bishops and one Province of Central Africa bishop, none of whom were brought to trial for their participation in that service. This is in contrast to Bishop Cox’s proposed trial.)

Pneumonia was ruled out as was my usual bronchitis. I probably had sinusitis in my nasal passages but what was ailing my lungs couldn’t be determined with any certainty.

This afternoon my ankles were swollen and painful even when my feet were up on my recliner. Hitherto they were painful only when I attempted to walk or stand upright. Tomorrow I will go to the cancer center and may well be admitted to the hospital so that my oncologist and orthopedic experts can dig around to seek the origin of the problem and a possible treatment. If I am admitted poor Pat may well have a break from waiting on me hand and foot. I feel so guilty about the strain I’m placing on her. I do hope my readers will pray for Pat and for me.

The local Lutheran Chaplain to the University will take the Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services. The Vigil will be at the local Lutheran parish and Pastor Matthew will celebrate on Sunday. I hope I will be able to preach from my wheel chair on Thursday, Friday and Sunday. We shall see.

Do keep this old crock in Crocks in your thoughts and prayers.

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  1. Prayers to you, brother Tony. Christ is risen! A blessed Easter to you and your family.

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