We still have 10 days left in Paradise! This is a wonderful break, perhaps from reality, but still a memorable time in our lives. I am breaking my fast from priesthood next Sunday and will celebrate for the local parish which is without a rector at the moment.

We’ve toured the island, which has a remarkably diverse selection of scenery, flora and fauna for such a small area of land. We’ve plonked ourselves on the beach, lazed in the condo, driven in our borrowed and magnificent Jeep and sampled local cuisine. I really feel better and more energetic than I have in years.

I haven’t kept up with ecclesiastical news. It’s good that there are parishes nearby in which to worship. The thought of our church and communion breaking up has its practical aspects as well. Still, for the moment I’m frozen in time. I am comforted by the Daily Offices, fed by the sacraments and enchanted by Hawaii.

More when I get home. Internet cafes are all well and good, but rather expensive.

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