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An anonymous personage, whom I gather is of the lay order, posted this evening suggesting that I am an “outsider” an that my comments in the essay ON POLITY are overboard. He or she (if you ae going to take issue with me do have the courage to name yourself) assures me that no such frightful comments would be posted by them about the Church of England.

I am not an outsider. I’m an Episcopal priest. I’ve lived in the US for forty years. I would think it quite splendid if a writer offered strident criticism about the contemporary CofE. One would hope that it would be fair, but hope springs eternal. If we can’t exercise and offer self-criticism we are in pretty bad shape. If I did not love the church so much I wouldn’t bother. Who ever you are do read my new blog published at Episcopal Majority. The link is below.

4 Responses

  1. Father Tony, “bls” may not use her real name, but many of us are familiar with her blog, Topmost Apple.

    When I look at her comment on your “Polity” posting, it seems that all her quotations are from and her comments are directed at the comment written by Ian Montgomery, who identifies himself as an “outsider.” It doesn’t look to me like she’s directing them at you.

    Anybody with half sense knows you’re an insider, Father Tony. I’ve come to appreciate your special and zealous voice and am grateful for your ministry.

    Just for what it’s worth —

  2. Lisa – I am far from an outsider as I have served in the USA since 1973. did not intend to say that I am an outsider but I was trained at Oxford and Sewanee. I stand by my comments on bully bishops. They are a blot on the Church. BLS has been addressed on the previous “polity” article.

  3. I was referring to Ian Montgomery who called himself an “outsider.”

    And I did in fact link to my blog via my signature in any case; I don’t call that “anonymous.” You’re welcome to follow that link and debate anything you like with me. I’m sorry I didn’t return, but I had just happened upon the site that day and had no plans to return.

    I don’t come here often because of the tone I was complaining about, FYI. I can’t believe, sometimes, the things that Anglican clergypeople say and do; Al Kimel used to compose posts openly mocking me and others. Then we have Bishops of Carlisle who rant in the press against gay people; Peter Akinola – and nothing needs be said there; Kendall Harmon whose website is filled with venom and meanness; Jack Iker who rants about needing his own Bishop; Bob Duncan who calls members of TEC “apostate” and “heretic.”

    To be honest, I’m surprised you’re surprised that I find a meanness within some Anglican clergy that goes beyond almost anything I hear anywhere else. It’s vicious. I wonder about its origin, actually – but I don’t hang around to listen to it any longer. Probably I should have returned after posting my comment, but the thought just isn’t appealing.

  4. I just read Ian Montgomery’s “addressing” of my comments; he doesn’t actually answer any of the questions addressed to him – he simply notes that I use my initials instead of a name. I guess he finds that convincing? Again, I point out that I am not posting anonymously; my screen name is linked to my blogs where anybody can come if they like.

    To continue the previous comment: I do wonder a bit about the difference between Anglican and, say, Catholic priests. You don’t hear this kind of invective – the mocking and insults – from Catholic priests; is that because they are not permitted to do this? Or is it just better self-control and out of a recognition of the necessity of submission (if only to the authority of God)? I’m really curious as to why Episcopal clergy can be so arrogant and nasty, at least in my experience online; perhaps it’s just the money? Perhaps Episcopalians have nothing better to do than scream at each other because Episcopalians are the “ruling class” and used to getting their own way?

    Perhaps our church is just self-absorbed in the extreme? Shouldn’t we be out doing mission and working to bring people to Christ?

    Just asking. Is this a church – and if not, what is it?

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