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Early this morning I went to the Cancer Center for blood work. Later Pat and I returned to see my splendid Oncologist, Dr. Michael Craig. The results from the Blood Work were all normal!! Before we went to Maui blood work revealed great progress. Today’s result was extraordinary. Thanks be to God.

Next week I am to have a cholesterol test to see whether I am a suitable candidate for a new treatment for this kind of cancer. So far, in some patients it has shown success in keeping the cancer under control.

There’s also hope that the neuropathy in my feet and legs will gradually get better.

I am so grateful to the people all over the world who have kept me in their prayers over these long months. I attribute my restoration to health to you, to chemo and to Maui!

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  1. Great News Mate!

    ‘Mimsaab’sends her best as well. Who knows, maybe you will outlive us all after all!

    Blessings on your pate. D+

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