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I’ve often found that when I preach a sermon which is pointed, the arrow hits me hard! Last weekend I wrote a sermon for “Sermons that Work”. You may read it at: http://www.episcopalchurch.org/sermons_that_work_87518_ENG_HTM.htm

My day today started worry free. I had very good news about my cancer yesterday. It looked as if I would go forward with preventive medicine, maybe a pill a day, and all would be well. Then my Oncologist emailed Pat suggesting that as I am so fit and well, perhaps the best way forward would be to have a transplant of my own stem cells. This procedure involves being in the isolation area of the Cancer Center for perhaps a month, or at least until new and healthy white cells get to work. With this cancer one never gets rid of everything, but a transplant would do the trick for a long period of time.

Of course there are risks. Of course I’ll be ill again. It may take a month after the month to get fit again. Then there is hospital food, which here at the WVU hospital is worse than I remember school meals as a boy. That takes some doing! And the parish without a priest again. And boredom! Pat starts training to be a nurse in a few weeks. Of course I can take books, and a lap top, and a small dvd player. Yet it still sounds like a short sentence in prison.

I shall have to read my sermon over and over again. I know that God is with me. I know I am to offer it up “in Christ.” I know that the Spirit will give me strength. I even know that CPF will pay the bill, I hope. So why am I down tonight when I was so happy yesterday and this morning? “Physician heal yourself.” Yes, I know. As Daisy, our cockatoo says, “It’s all right.” Yes, Daisy, I know.