I’ve often found that when I preach a sermon which is pointed, the arrow hits me hard! Last weekend I wrote a sermon for “Sermons that Work”. You may read it at: http://www.episcopalchurch.org/sermons_that_work_87518_ENG_HTM.htm

My day today started worry free. I had very good news about my cancer yesterday. It looked as if I would go forward with preventive medicine, maybe a pill a day, and all would be well. Then my Oncologist emailed Pat suggesting that as I am so fit and well, perhaps the best way forward would be to have a transplant of my own stem cells. This procedure involves being in the isolation area of the Cancer Center for perhaps a month, or at least until new and healthy white cells get to work. With this cancer one never gets rid of everything, but a transplant would do the trick for a long period of time.

Of course there are risks. Of course I’ll be ill again. It may take a month after the month to get fit again. Then there is hospital food, which here at the WVU hospital is worse than I remember school meals as a boy. That takes some doing! And the parish without a priest again. And boredom! Pat starts training to be a nurse in a few weeks. Of course I can take books, and a lap top, and a small dvd player. Yet it still sounds like a short sentence in prison.

I shall have to read my sermon over and over again. I know that God is with me. I know I am to offer it up “in Christ.” I know that the Spirit will give me strength. I even know that CPF will pay the bill, I hope. So why am I down tonight when I was so happy yesterday and this morning? “Physician heal yourself.” Yes, I know. As Daisy, our cockatoo says, “It’s all right.” Yes, Daisy, I know.

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  1. Tony, I know how hard this is — not from my own experience, but watching my beloved brother, Jim, who had a stem cell transplant (I was his donor nearly 8 years ago). I am amazed at your courage and determination to go for it. You will be in my prayers.

  2. Dear Tony+
    This sounds like great news! Our church prayers are with you. As I have said before God is not done with you. May our Heavenly Father extend His healing hand and deliver you from this magliancy.
    Grey Muzzle

  3. Thanks grey muzzle and Ann.I don’t know about “courage and determination” but I’ll domy best

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