I hate writing sermons. I normally preach without notes or a written form. About four times a year I write sermons for Sermons that Work, a service of our church designed to be used by Readers and mission clergy who perhaps don’t have the time or resources to write their own or are not licensed so to do.

The sermon I wrote for this coming Sunday jumped out at me from, of all places “Episcopal Life Online” today. As always I am preaching to myself. Of course this wretched stem cell transplant has me worried, more about the three weeks I shall spend without much of an immune system at all. So the story of Mary and Martha speaks to me. I hope it speaks to you. I wish it would speak to primates, council members, houses of bishops, separated brothers and sisters, bloggers and all who fear for the church and its future.

I heard a reporter recently wonder about the future of the Roman Catholic Church in Los Angeles!! No doubt there is a future for that archdiocese despite the sins and follies of priests. After all there is something in Holy Writ about the gates of hell.

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