Brothers and Sisters:

I want to commend to you all a new, well, I suppose it is a blog site,
but I hope and pray rather more than the term implies:

It is a site born in hope and faith, and even some charity, for those who do not
want to see our church and the Communion torn apart, particularly but
not solely because of our mutual responsibility to our journeyers in
Baptism in other jurisdictions, churches and denominations for whom
Anglican anarchy cannot be anything but a dreadful blow to all
Christians have worked for for a century.

While I suspect that many of us endorse the idea of an Anglican Covenant, the title of this new forum is not connected to that concept. We will also welcome writers and readers from all parts of the Anglican spectrum who believe in the Anglican Communion and who find the Windsor Report, with all its imperfections, the best available road map for the immediate future. However the WR is not an Anglican formulary and it is good in a post-modern area not to use documents or even blog sites as a means to find comfort among those we think are like us in some way or another. From the outset Anglicanism, as a separate “face” in Christendom, has been a communion of the unlike bound together by liturgy and a common structure and sense of “place” rather than by confessional accord.

Covenant is also a small act of confidence in the God whose will is to
be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

You will recognize the names of some of the
contributors who threaten to write in the future and who endorse the
birth of “Covenant” at this particular moment. And if in your
conservatism, liberal or traditionalist, you do not wish to be
disturbed, do at least look at the site for its artistic and
structural qualities.

Please pray for those of us to whom this has become a faith-project of
significance. I pray that Covenant will become part of your experience
in the future.

One Response

  1. My tuppen’orth.

    Tried to register at Covenant to leave my greetings there, following the rule and using my real name, but it wouldn’t let me in!

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