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Two thoughts for the day. We’ve been meeting Josiah in the readings for the Daily Office this week. Cranmer compared the young Edward VI to Josiah and the Edwardian reforms as the equivalent of the discovery of the Book Of the Law by the Josiah’s High Priest. We know in retrospect that poor King Edward’s wicked uncles used the Reformation cause as a means to empower and enrich themselves. Things are never as simple as they seem.

Which brings me to a nice quote from Stanley Hauerwas in his preface to “Heresies and How to Avoid Them”, Quash/Ward et al, SPCK Hendrickson, 2007.

“Orthodoxy can tempt us to self-righteousness and a protectiveness that betrays the joy and confidence that should be the heart of the gospel. When orthodoxy becomes defensive rather than a form of love and proclamation it denies its own reality.”

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