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In just two weeks I shall no longer be a “West Virginian Parson”. I must remember to change my blogging name on a few sites.

Pat and I came to Morgantown, West Virginia two years and nine months ago from France. I came as an interim priest -later priest in charge -with no ability to be called as permanent rector at the parish church of St. Thomas a Becket. Although many would have loved us to stay here, and for medical reasons it would have been easier and perhaps safer, rules are rules even when not mentioned in the canons, at least in contemporary TEC. An interim priest has no input and seems seldom consulted. So this aging cleric picks up his bags and moves on. I do so with regret. Pat and I love the area and I have enjoyed serving the parishioners and others here. I think God has blessed us all and I pray and know that the work will go on from strength to strength.

Mercifully St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, La Porte, in the Diocese of Northern Indiana, through its vestry, has unanimously elected me rector. I begin my new work there on March 2nd although I won’t be formally Instituted and Inducted until May 16th. at 6:PM Y’all come, hear? I am delighted to move to a diocese which is Windsor compliant and served by a faithful, kind and open diocesan bishop, +Edward Little. I am also to serve him as dean of the Michigan City deanery. There’s much to be done but the parish has a good team of faithful, hardworking, believing Christians.

As I write, Pat is downstairs boxing our worldly goods although the movers, due here next Monday are also to do that job. We will be moving into a large rectory next to the church. If we get bored with one bedroom we can move to another!

I hope you will all pray for me, for health and growing strength, for patience and good humor, and for God’s grace to be in Christ a good priest and pastor in our new parish and the wider community. Please also pray for my wonderful wife Pat, that she may find friends and outlets for her extraordinary talents.

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  1. Tony —

    Blessings and grace on you and Pat as you move. I know from my own experience that moving is never much fun, but it’s one of those little games that God likes to play with us that in retrospect turn out to be Good Things. I trust you will enjoy serving in Northern Indiana, which is the diocese of my baptism (Trinity, Fort Wayne) several thousand years ago. I always enjoy reading your thoughtful and knowledgeable postings (even when I don’t always agree with you!). You are in my prayers daily.

    Fr. Bill Moorhead, Iowa City

  2. Congratulations and blessings, Tony and Pat, and Godspeed.

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