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Convention: Episcopal Diocese Northern Indiana

I’m in Fort Wayne. Our Northern Indiana Diocesan Convention starts in the morning and ends tomorrow afternoon. This year there are no resolutions!  Now that’s my sort of Convention. Once one takes time out for worship and food there’ll be time to elect a few people, adopt a budget, be nice and go home.

This is by no means a monochrome diocese. There are those on each side of the present conflicts and some in the middle, but we all seem to get on well. I attribute much of this to the example of our Bishop and his quiet, devoted, pastoral ministry. No one has any doubt about his faith or his positions but he demonstrates both with grace and humility.

I’m very tired this evening, and the ironmongery in my hip is rather painful, here at the Hampton Inn and am really writing this to try out my switch to Word Press. Pat set it all up for me mercifully. It certainly looks like a more user friendly and versatile medium than my former site.

The journey here was easy enough across the flat lands of middle north Indiana. It rained most of the way but the trees looked splendid in their Autumn hues. Once we arrived in Fort Wayne we lost our way and not even a policeman could direct us back to find the motel. So I called Pat and she looked the road map up on her computer and guided us in.No, I wasn’t driving.

Assuming we find the church tomorrow we’ll be there in time to register and prepare for the opening Eucharist. The diocesan clergy are in the pews with their delegates so for once I’ll be able to worship without dressing up.

On November 6th I fly to Houston for a meeting of the Communion Partners Rectors and their bishops. It should be interesting. I just hope and pray it doesn’t turn into yet another TEC pressure group. I have hope it won’t.

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