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A number of friends on the “left” have responded to my last blog by suggesting that even had TEC made firm pastoral provisions for those of us who are loyal to the Formularies of our church, those intent on schism would have acted as they have.  We have no real way of knowing whether a more pastoral approach to dissent earlier on would have prevented the scandal of schism.

I am sure that such people would have had a much smaller following and little excuse for schismatic activities. But that is not the point.  I think a case may be made that everytime Anglicanism has sought to enforce the views of a temporory majority on an historical “party” within our comprehension the result has been frightful and resulted not only in the alienation of loyal Anglicans, but in the conflict many with no ax to grind have fled a warring church. Coercion not only violates the nature of Anglicanism but violates basic Christian charity. That such a breach is driven by zealots on both sides excuses nothing. We worship a Lord who “stands at the door and knocks”. He doesn’t break the door down!

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