In watching the press conference given by the RC Archbishop of Westminster in the presence of the Archbishop of Canterbury I felt very sorry for +Rowan. By all accounts he was given little notice that Rome was going to set up enclaves for former Anglicans within the Roman Catholic Church.  Despite all the assurances that ecumenical relations won’t be compromised, I find Rome’s action extraordinarily ungracious.  It is one thing to offer a home to people seeking to convert to Rome and quite another to permit the establishment of Roman Catholicism with an Anglican flavor.  That smacks to me of enticement.

What that Anglican flavor would look like remains to be seen. Most pro-Roman Anglo-Catholics in England already use the Roman Rite and the Roman Breviary. I doubt whether converting parishes will be able to take their buildings and the memories associated with those buildings with them. So what of an Anglican flavor remains other than a married priesthood?

Rome may have bitten off a pretty indigestible package.


I know few people who have met +Keith who do not love him. While other traditionalist bishops in the House of Bishops assumed somewhat lugubrious aspects, +Keith always bounced around, a smile on his face, sincerely seeking to connect with all and sundry. He is a holy and devout man who cares very much for people.

Now he has been deposed.  He asked to be transferred to the Diocese of Bolivia in the Province of the Southern Cone and to be permitted to serve in TEC dioceses when not down in South America.  It seems that bishops who seek to move to other Anglican Provinces, like my friend +Henry Scriven and now +Keith Ackerman, will be deposed. Priests may obtain letters dimissory from their American bishops to serve abroad without facing desposition. It seems that this is not open to Bishops.

Granted relations between the Southern Cone and TEC are rather frosty (no pun intended) but as TEC hasn’t severed its communion with that Province one sees no logic in this new policy. On the other hand TEC regularly grants “collegial status” to overseas bishops who stay for a period over here.

Now of course if +Keith has used his status in the Diocese of Bolivia to perform episcopal actions in ACNA congregations he would commit a canonical offense. But he hasn’t so done.

I am sickened by the way +Keith has been treated.


I was delighted to lead the annual retreat of our Diocesan Daughters of the King last Saturday. I received some very gracious and appreciative comments afterwards. One of the thing which has troubled me since entering TEC ten years ago is the little opportunity I have been given to use my gifts with clergy and laity, in leading conferences and retreats. So, if you are planning such events, dear readers, think of me!

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  1. Rome’s offer looks like a kind of Anglican uniatism. Anglicans in South Africa tried it for a while with the Order of Ethiopia, which then disintegrated. Some groups joined the original Ethiopian Church, others joined continuing Anglican bodies, and finally the rump of the Order of Ethiopia broke away to become the Ethiopian Episcopal Church, which was more or less where they started.

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