The House of Bishops, meeting now at Kanuga, has it seems banned tweeting and twittering and communicates numbingly in a daily report.  Before the last tweet twittered from that mountain retreat, it sang of a Korean Archbishop decrying the Covenant as a British colonial plan.


Now I have no idea how reliable a tweet is. In my mind the term is associated with hubris-bearing commentators  situated in a room on CNN issuing hours of alarums and excursions.  I trust the report about the Korean prelate is just that. For if not the strategy of the anti-Covenant party seems to be to fear us into rejection.


British colonialism! I must reach for my cd recording of Elgar’s “Crown of India”. Now I know something of the history of Empire. I am not aware Korea enjoyed the sun which never set. All that remains now are a few tiny outposts, islands for the most part, which no one, except Argentina wants. Could it be that +Rowan and friends have plotted to resurrect an English colonial destiny in the form of the Anglican Communion?


The irony that TEC, the present representative of the final colonial power invites Asian bishops to resist the hegemony of Canterbury!  Oh tweeting twitter. I’ve also heard that the Covenant will un-ordain women, thrust provinces into a second tier of Dante’s infernal regions. Who knows what next. Could it be that Star Camber returns, rack and thumbscrew flourishes and ears are cropped. If I could sing a tweet perhaps I would issue such dire warnings just for fun.


A shy and retiring American bishop declares that catholicity is always local. Good for him. I shall retreat to my parish church, unreformed, and lacking birdsong, will ring the bell to the change of all things universal in all things local, curtained in tabernacle, to which I bow and surrender the local to the God who is all in all.


Oh be honest. If our prelates want a church in which to play without the rules, occasionally meeting globally to play a game which has no rules, so be it. Such is a Tudor invention when England was  a nest of singing birds. Tweet.

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  1. a Tweet, a Twit – twaddle.
    Yea am I undone!
    My bishop presiding desireth not king?
    Nay, perhaps a crown?
    Mischance her own archepiscopal mitre?
    Mayhap, if all is local –
    queen of 815!

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