Up this morning at 4.00am. Fr. Frank drove me to Chicago. We arrived before the crowd and I was shortly in out patient surgery. After a couple of attempts an IV was established, something good infused and the next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery. The nurses were all very kind and in good humor.


I was then wheeled to the 10th floor cancer unit and taken to the place where people get chemotherapy. After a mix up about my date of birth on the meds -they made me twenty years younger; fine with me – the injections arrived. A swift jab in my tummy began the first of five injections. I was given syringes with four doses which my Junior Warden, an RN, will jab me with at 7.00am each morning. Frank and I then drove to an Italian eatery where I revived myself with soup and a lovely sandwich. We then drove back to La Porte avoiding the rush hour traffic. We made the journey in just over an hour. After a short nap I made tea and am now relaxing in my chair. My Senior Warden, Margie Bender has brought dinner for me. Hooray!


I am delighted with the attitude of the nurses and staff at Rush University Hospital, which began its life as St Luke’s Episcopal Hospital back in the days when our church was thriving and could afford to run such places.


The site where the port was inserted is a little sore but not too painful. Thanks to all who have responded to my blogs on Facebook. I feel surrounded by so many friends who are praying for me and cheering me on. Now i get myself ready to return to Chicago on Monday, to stay at the Holiday Inn near the hospital for a few days while they harvest my cells. Mercifully insurance will pay for the motel, meals and taxis to and from the hospital. I will be on my own for all that.

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  1. with you all the way in prayer Tony. Kathryn.

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