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I’m home complete with a new immune system. The transplant went very well, although there was a detour in ICU after a blockage in my stomach caused worrying complications. I’m twenty pounds lighter, and my hair is thinner but coming back. I can’t adequately praise enough the doctors, nurses and aides who lavished me with care.


So now I will gradually make contact with the outside world, carefully because I am defenseless against infection until my system completely reboots. Meanwhile nothing much seems to have changed. Our bishops are meeting in Quito, Ecuador, as insensitive an action as can be at a time of economic crisis, unemployment and an alarming growth in poverty. ENS seems to suggest that the House of Bishops redeems the location by espousing “liberation theology”. I doubt very much whether there is unanimity among the bishops on the subject. And the term is a slogan, begging the question as to which liberation theology, by whom and where. When will we quit using such terms as if we were a political party with a platform?  The poor don’t hear us. The rich don’t hear us and the government doesn’t hear us. We whistle in the wind. Meanwhile our church slides into invisibility as local parishes concentrate more and more on survival for now.


I pray for brave voices in the House of Bishops, challenging our church to re-birth, to real, tactile engagement with God’s poor, and to the work of evangelism and growth.

4 Responses

  1. God is so good ‘ great news my brother

  2. He speaks, we learn, and we are grateful to God!!!

  3. I hope your reboot is completed with no glitches!

  4. You are a true gift from God, Father.

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