15 Things That Annoy Me

Scott Gunn of Forward Movement and Tom Ferguson of Bexley Hall have posted their dislike list in recent blogs. I thought I would follow their good examples and with them inherit the crown of glory.

1. Rumperty Tumperty hymns

2. Chasubles adorned with butterflies bearing the text “Kiss me Quick” or words to that effect.

3. Political advertisements

4,Come to think of it politicians

5. Grits

6. Committees, remembering the old saw that God only employed a committee once in creation. He asked the group to design a horse and they came up with a camel.

7. Sit-coms

8. American bacon, and yams and sweet potatoes.

9. Colored clergy shirts, except for black and purple, although I gave up the latter. (grin)

10. Loud and enthusiastic panelists on early morning TV shows.

11. Being asked if I am Australian (grin)

12. Proof texters, and who ever divided the Bible into chapters and verses.

13. Pop music and culture

14. People who demand to be asked to do that which they should do anyway.

15. Lists.

2 Responses

  1. In Canada, “Grits” is a now archaic nickname for the Liberal Party – so my first read saw number four as redundant given number three.

  2. Grits?! Oh, I love them with eggs cooked over-medium and a nice sausage or even a piece of “ham!” Blessings to you and may you keep your grits moving in the right direction. Donald

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