Fr. Tony Clavier

Bishop Tony Clavier


I was born in Yorkshire, England at the beginning of World War II. My father was from the West Indies and an officer in the Royal Tank Corp who won the Military Cross at Dunkirk, my mother from Yorkshire was a District Nurse-Midwife. I’ve been in the US, on and off, since 1967. I am a student of church history with particular emphasis on Anglicanism in the late 16th to late 18th Century.

I’ve been in the ordained ministry for over fifty years. For 25 years I served as a bishop in the American Episcopal Church (now the Anglican Province of America) and was present at the creation of two parishes from scratch, entirely financed by the local parishioners.

I was received into the Episcopal Church in 1999 and licensed to function as a priest. I’ve held parishes in Arkansas, South Dakota, France, (where I was Dean of the Institute of Christian Studies in the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe),  West Virginia  Rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, La Porte in the Diocese of Northern Indiana in which I also served as an area Dean and an Examining Chaplain and a member of the Diocesan Council. In 2012 I “retired” and became Vicar of St. Thomas’, Glen Carbon with St. Bartholomew’s, Granite City in the Diocese of Springfield. I also write sermons for “Sermons that Work”, a service of the Episcopal Church, for The Living Church and for the Covenant-Communion web site.I am co-editor of the Anglican Digest.

My older son Mark is a priest of the Church of England,  He has one son, Paul. My younger son Philip, an electrician, lives near Bethlehem, PA, is married to Erin and has three daughters, Alyson, Caylin and Clare.

I am available to conduct retreats, parish missions or seminars.

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  1. Hi, I am Ms. Carolyn Eigel from Holy Trinity Anglican in Greenville, S.C.
    (Fr. Jack Cole’s previous church). His sister, Mildred Jones, was
    asking about you recently. She is 86 now and having age-related diffi-
    culties. She can only drive so far. I knew from past years that she
    enjoyed going to the Wednesdays with Bach organ recitals at Trinity
    Lutheran each Wednesday in July. So this summer I would pick her up
    and take her. It would be such a loss for her to not be able to go.
    Anyway, after having such a long relationship with you over the years,
    naturally she was curious and concerned about you. While I was at
    All Saints in Mills River, N.C., on my way to the last Sunday performance
    of Brevard Music Center for the summer, I asked about you. The
    older gentleman (who used to lay-read for so long) sent me to your
    website. I had told Mildred that I would keep my ears to the ground
    and report back if I heard anything about you (good health, bad health,

  2. Do give Mildred my love.I’m very much better now. Had a six year battle with cancer. I’m in remission. In my dotage I’m looking after 2 missions in the Diocese of Springfield, near St. Louis.

  3. I’ve been reading your blog! We attended St. Peter’s Cathedral in Deerfield Beach, Fl when you were there. My mother came to church with us whenever she visited us from Pa. in the winter. Possibly you remember her, because she also was from Yorkshire – Huddersfield, near to Barnsley. We had been wondering where you had gone. Now we know. We now attending Church of the Nativity in Port St. Lucie, Fl. where Bishop John Said is our retired Bishop-in-Residence.

  4. How very nice to catch up with you. Yes I remember. Blessings.

  5. What a pleasant (I hope) surprise to find your blog (linked from The Anglican Digest page). It’s been 30 years since I was that AEC student at the ACC seminary, and nearly that long since I ended up a priest in the ACC instead of the AEC, until shortly after the merger of part of the ACC and most of the AEC into the ACA, after which I found myself unable to accept all the convulsions of the changed situation – but in spite of all that, I have not been disinterested. I notice there must have been another change – you refer to an Anglican Province of America. I shall be reading your blog with great interest.

  6. Hello, Fr. Tony. I found your blog through a mention by Matt Marino (The Gospel Side blogger). I really like Matt and his blogs, so I did a search for you. And–I am now following your blog! I am striving to write a daily blog in 2014, attempting A Year of Being Kind. (if you have time, check out yesterday’s post–http://wp.me/p4cOf8-f0 ) I’ll be interested to see what you’ve posted. After I take care of the memorial service on Saturday, and regular worship service on Sunday, of course! God’s blessings to you–Elizabeth @chaplaineliza

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